40ft Expandable Container Home

Embrace innovation with our 40ft Expandable Container Home, where elegance, efficiency, and sustainability converge to redefine modern living.

Innovative Living Redefined: Explore Our 40ft Expandable Container Home

Introducing our flagship product, the 40ft Expandable Container Home, a marvel of modern engineering and design. This prefabricated gem transforms into a spacious 495 ft² living space, complete with all the amenities of a traditional home, plus the unique charm and efficiency of container living. Perfect for those seeking a sustainable, mobile, and cost-effective housing solution, our container home is designed to impress and built to last.

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Key Features:

Spacious Design

Expands into a generous 495 ft² area, featuring a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and an inviting patio for outdoor enjoyment.

High-Quality Construction

Utilizes a brand new, one-time shipped 40ft High Cube container as its base, ensuring durability and stability.

Climate-Controlled Comfort:

Fully insulated for both cold and hot weather, equipped with an integrated AC/Heat-pump to ensure your comfort year-round.

Modern Amenities

Includes a fully functional bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower, and water heater. The option for an integrated septic tank and water tank is also available.

Functional Kitchenette

Comes with a stainless steel sink and cabinets, providing ample storage space and convenience.

Smart Furniture Ready

Optimizes space with the option for smart furniture.

Customizable Options

Offers the flexibility to be equipped with smart furniture, multiple electrical outlets for ease of use, and a choice of paint color or optional cladding for the exterior.

Flooring Choices

Standard vinyl flooring in various colors, with an option for hardwood floors for a more luxurious finish.

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Versatile Uses for Every Need

If you’re in search of extra living quarters, a distinctive holiday retreat, or a creative workspace, our 40ft Expandable Container Home provides the versatility to accommodate your requirements. Its flexible design ensures it’s a perfect fit for a wide range of uses.

Temporary Housing Made Easy

The 40ft Expandable Container Home serves as an outstanding option for short-term housing requirements. Ideal for those undergoing a housing change, involved in construction work, or needing to furnish lodging for special events, this container home can be rapidly assembled and prepared, ensuring a cozy, safe, and completely operational living environment.

Features & Benefits

The sleek, compact structure of this container home unfolds to reveal generous spaces, encompassing a bedroom, living space, kitchenette, and bathroom, offering all the home comforts on demand. Its straightforward setup and portability make it a prime choice for anyone seeking temporary or permanent housing solutions, without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Explore the endless possibilities with our 40ft Expandable Container Home. Increase your living space, reduce your carbon footprint, and embrace the future of housing with WNC Custom Container Solutions. For more information or to start your journey towards container home ownership, fill out our form on the page or call us today at 828-255-0036. Let us help you create the home of your dreams with our innovative container solutions.